a regular guy an ordinary guy a normal guy
обращение treatment
товаров goods
united came together teamed up merged have teamed up have joined together have merged formed combined have brought together
fragment a piece
explain will explain tell explains explained tells

the overlay
the vegetables
mastering to learn the acquisition to acquire harnessing master
vegetable vegetables
oval the shape

alive revived
waiting expecting awaiting pending anticipating anticipation looking forward expectation expect wait expected expects
the expected time
expectations have not been met
revive will revitalize
recovery revitalizing revitalization reviving the revival reactivation to reactivate to reinvigorate the renewal the reinvigoration rebound reanimation revitalising to enliven


to mourn grieve
fell dropped has fallen sank came down went down descended drops had fallen
opposition opponents Opposition–
questionnaire survey oprosnik questionnaires
to pay to defray payment for to remunerate
rebuttal to rebut to refute refutation denials retraction disprove correction denial rebuttals refutations retractions


отвечать за свои responsible for their
слова words
the sender the consignor the sending the originator the shipper
open has been opened inaugurated discovered shall be open will be opened opening is opened opens had been opened have been opened shall be opened
отвлечься от to escape from
мыслей thoughts


protection guard security safety conservation health the preservation environmental guards guarded guarding
hunter huntsman am trapper the foragers hunting hunters
a hound dog a hunting dog
cover include encompass comprise reach span embrace covered covers covering includes included encompasses encompassed comprises encompassing embraces reaching reached spans embraced comprised spanned including comprising
covering encompassing embracing including spanning reaching comprising cover covers covered encompasses
chilled cooled down
covering encompassing spanning including comprising embraces cover covers covered encompasses encompassed