its shortcomings its drawbacks its limitations its imperfections his faults its disadvantages its flaws his flaws their weaknesses its deficiencies
swastika a swastika the swastika
comes down to is reduced to boils down to is to amounts to confined to is confined to restricted to consists of reducible to
their dreams your dreams their dreams come true their aspirations your dreams come true your dream
the bit drill the drill bit
its experience their experience its expertise their expertise their knowledge their skills their experiences its experiences
god's light the light of god
date a date visit rendezvous tryst a rendezvous going out a tryst assignation dating

the loss of biodiversity reduced biodiversity decline in biodiversity declining biodiversity
tartar sauce tartare sauce
gonna going are going about to are gonna get goanna are gonna come were going go
to gather strength

tracksuit a tracksuit sports suit sports a suit
satellite geodesy
specific particular special unique the unique the particular peculiar the peculiar specifics
the specifics specificity specifics the specificity peculiarities circumstances the nature the peculiarities context particularities
specialized specialised dedicated specialty application-specific specializing + specialized
a special section a specific section a special chapter a separate section a dedicated section
specificity the specific specificities

delivery time the delivery deadline the delivery time delivery date delivery period the delivery period
service life lifetime lifespan the lifespan life-time , service
the focus of the center of focus the locus of
the average result
the average age mean age the median age the mean age median age middle age median ages
сроки выполнения time frame for the implementation
работ works
the average length average length the mean length

formulated made have formulated have articulated set had formulated formulate formulating has formulated had articulated
sphinx the sphinx
fields of law the realm of law areas of law
sphere the scope scope area field of sector the field domain terms of the orb
tourism the tourist industry


usa the US the united states the u . s USD