сбить hit
со следа the scent
break out of prison
reset discharge dumping release had been dumped relief disposal into discharges resetting resets dump discharged discharging
failures disruptions malfunctions crashes interruptions faults setbacks failing glitches outages dysfunctions slippages
close bonded were getting close approached closer
failures disruptions malfunctions setbacks interruptions crashes glitches slippages faults dysfunctions
assembly assembling build fabrication assemble assembled assemblies
convergence rapprochement approximation bringing closer approach rendezvous together
fees charges collection levies tolls gathering fee charge collections charging toll levy
come true fulfilled
collection compilation compendium book digest series sbornik mixtape // Collection collections

comes down to is reduced to boils down to is to amounts to limited to confined to restricted to consists of reducible to
beyond that in addition
свернуть с to turn from
пути ways
сверка reconciliation
данных data
a consolidated document a consolidated paper a synthesis paper a compilation document a summary paper a summary document a synthesis document a composite document
freedom of religion religious freedom freedoms of religion
the light of god
связать link
концы с концами ends meet


rear the back from behind rearward abaft the backs

long as i can remember
скажи мне что-нибудь tell me something
приятное pleasant
modest contribution humble contribution to modest contributions
how much will it cost how much is this gonna cost how much would it cost
сколько how many
вы готовы заплатить are you willing to pay
the reaction rate reaction speed response speed rapidity of reaction
сколько how many
душе soul
угодно whatever
скоро тебя you soon
увижу see
скажи tell
прямо right
скоро soon
домой home

next month the following month
is watching me watching me following me 's following me spies on me 's watching me watches me been watching me was watching me
monitor the status monitor the condition
the next meeting next appointment the following meeting

most recently the most recent are very recent
the commonwealth of dominica
сочту will consider
за комплимент for the compliment
post reductions downsizing of posts
a coherent approach the harmonized approach coordinated approach a concerted approach cohesive approach the agreed approach a consistent approach
came together gathered together got together come together coming together gather together get together
according to according to the data according to the figures according to the information under these
reduce costs to cut costs to reduce expenditure cost reductions save costs reduce expenses cost savings to reduce spending to cut down expenses reducing costs reduced costs to reduce expenditures

shelf life expiration date expiry date the validity period use-by date life expectancy durability shelf-life expiration dates expiry dates
just around the corner right around the corner just round the corner
delivery time the delivery deadline delivery date the delivery period delivery times
сроки выполнения time frame for the implementation
работ works
project implementation period
сроки date
сдачи delivery
average height medium height a mid-size of average stature average growth
the average age mean age the median age middle age

ссылаться на invoke
закон law
fighting quarrels arguments fights fight quarrel
refers recalls cites reference relies invoked alludes referred cited refer referring invokes relied references recalled referenced relying invoke alluded citing invoking
a pussy
links references referring citations citing exile reference link referenced linked
fighting arguing fought
be invoked to refer invoked reference rely cite plead be cited the invocation be adduced
to lend
abrasions bruises the cuts scratches abrasion
reference link citing referring invoking exile URL reference is made citation references links cited referencing refer refers referred invoked

the logbook the ship's log
trial the judicial process litigation judicial proceedings the legal process lawsuit legal proceedings court proceedings the court process trials
the existing system the current system the present system the current framework
the forensic expert the medical examiner a forensic physician
the merits of the case the substance of the case
сумма amount
счета account
судебное judicial
заключение conclusion
сумма amount
больше more
the amount of interest


usa the US the united states USD the U.S.
made sewn stitched
made sewn
stitched made
cross-linking stitching joining crosslinking the merging
are made are sewn sewn together

have ice cream eat an ice-cream
съехать с to get off
квартиры apartments
shooting survey photography imagery shoot surveying surveys
shooting survey imagery filming imaging photography footage surveys surveying shoot shoots film surveyed
shooting survey imagery photography footage imaging filming surveying shoots surveys shoot
shooting survey footage photography filming imagery imaging photoshoot shoot surveys surveying film
surveys shooting filming imagery footage survey shoot surveying shoots film