you ya • You – You
you ya • You – You
the importance important the significance the value of the relevance
an important a major an essential a significant importance critical crucial a key a vital a valuable
an important a major a significant an essential a vital a crucial a key a critical the importance a valuable a prominent


close in the vicinity poblíž proximity proches next to near to closer
sideways the side lateral
drive a wedge driving a wedge
drive hammer
вбирать to absorb
в себя in yourself

in view because given owing due to in the light mean in mind in the face means meant
introduction the imposition introducing the establishment implementation imposing the enactment injection has been introduced the promulgation
the introduction introducing the imposition imposing implementation the establishment injection the enactment changeover insertion
upwards the up upstream facing up face up
enter input put inject > Enter entering • Enter
the introduction introducing imposing the imposition the establishment the implementation introduced imposed introduce impose
enter input commissioning entry issuance operationalization insertion lead-in entering inputting entered inputs commissioned commission entries enters

doubled half twice halved twofold doubling doubly a two-fold double halving doubles
in addition additionally top
away far the distance from afar
widows widowhood widow
widows widow
widow widows
inspires are encouraged by inspiration are heartened by inspiring inspire inspired am encouraged by is encouraged by was encouraged by

very highly quite is extremely greatly has been very fairly a most a rather
all the entire the whole the full the rest • All ♪ All
substances chemicals substance chemical
because are after all i mean it you not do right Didn't you know cos surely
century age eyelid centuries ages CENTURIES eyelids
things stuff items belongings clothes thing item THING
return back to get back come back go to revert to re-enter returning coming back returned came back going returns comes back
web website websites > Web webs

interaction engagement cooperation collaboration synergies working interface liaison collaborative interoperability collaborating
contributions assessments fees pledges donations contribution assessment fee
interaction engagement collaboration cooperation synergies working liaison interface liaising collaborating the interplay interoperability
the relationship linkages links the interrelationship interlinkages interactions interrelation interconnection correlation the nexus the interplay inter-linkages the intersection interrelated interconnectedness interrelatedness

seen saw see seeing sees
species types kinds of forms modes of practices views activities means type kind of form view practice mode of activity meant typing formed
the form type view means the shape of kind appearance the sight of terms of types the forms views meaning viewed kinds
video footage videos • Video VIDEOS
see saw can seeing seen sees
types of species kinds of forms of views modes activities sorts of practices means
seen saw see seeing sees

including comprising includes include included comprises comprised comprise
includes comprises consists involves incorporates encompasses include included including comprised comprise incorporated comprising involved consist consisting consisted involve encompassed incorporate incorporating encompass involving encompassing
to include insert add the inclusion to incorporate to integrate turn the insertion switch activate
include involve incorporate comprise consist to integrate encompass the inclusion turn including includes included incorporating incorporated turning comprised consisting comprising involved consists turned
include comprise consist involve incorporate encompass included includes including comprises consists comprised involved incorporated involves comprising consisted incorporates incorporating encompasses consisting involving encompassed encompassing
contribution input contribute deposit contributions inputs contributed contributing contributes deposits
included are included incorporated integrated have been incorporated added comprises listed inserted consists
inclusion including incorporating integrating incorporation listing switching the integration mainstreaming the introduction activation the insertion
the inclusion including the incorporation incorporating integrating the integration the introduction mainstreaming switching listing the insertion activation activate
includes comprises consists of incorporates encompasses embraces include included including incorporated comprise comprised encompassed consist of encompass comprising consisted of incorporate incorporating encompassing

authorities power government branch authority governments powers branches
impact influence effect affected effects impacts influences affect influenced impacted affects affecting influencing impacting EFFECTS
authorities powers government branches authority power governments branch
authorities government authority governments
authorities government power authority governments powers
influence impact effect affect effects impacts influences affected influencing influenced affecting impacting impacted affects
power authority branch government dominion authorities powers branches governments // Power
vladimir volodymyr uladzimir – Vladimir • Vladimir — Vladimir
owner owns holder proprietor the landlord the wearer own owners owned holders
owners holders proprietors own landlords owner holder owned owning

internal domestic inland inner interior in-house endogenous indoor • Internal
internal domestic inland interior inner in-house internals • Internal
again once again reiterated newly renewed reaffirmed repeat anew reiterates reiterate reiterating renew reaffirms repeated renews reaffirm repeats reaffirming repeating renewing
the inside internal intra are inside in there domestic indoors is inside 's inside am inside
internal domestic inner the inside interior in-house indoor inland • Internal internals
external foreign the outer exterior outward exogenous • External
internal domestic inland inner interior in-house indoor the inside • Internal internals interiors
external foreign the outer the outside exterior outward

issues affairs matters questions regarding subjects topics officer points dealing management addressing
issues questions matters affairs subjects topics points queries question issue matter questioning questioned subject issued topic query point issuing
issues questions matters affairs topics subjects points issue question matter questioning issued subject topic point issuing questioned
question the issue matter the subject point the topic questions questioned the issues matters questioning the issuing points
the possibility the opportunity possible the ability a chance the option able allows the feasibility the potential the capacity enabling occasion
opportunities the possibility possible capacity capabilities options potential features enabling the feasibility able allowing chance avenues possibly
may possible perhaps maybe possibly probably could potentially feasible is
in into during across • In – In

subsequently later thereafter then afterwards late
for the first time first for once ♪ For once firsts
continue further remain henceforth continued continuing continues remains remained remaining
is quite well is quite fully very entirely perfectly reasonably are was are quite am am quite was quite
may has the right is entitled can free shall have shall possess the right have the right are entitled could be entitled was entitled had the right might has the rights
up to down to up until through to the way to even to far pending
however but well moreover indeed incidentally is are

time hours is now moment date times hour are was moments were dates timed
time hours long timing now times longer hour timed timings
temporary provisional interim time temporal transitional casual timed times
temporary an interim transitional time a provisional temporal temporarily timed
temporary the interim provisional transitional time temporarily tempore temporal
temporary interim time provisional temporal transitional temporarily casual times • Temporary
temporarily temporary provisionally have been temporarily will be temporarily suspended interim temporally has been temporarily had been temporarily suspend • Temporarily
doctor physician a medical doctor therapist doc a medic surgeon doctors physicians


always is necessarily has always been forever usual • Always are have always been 's am had always been have been always – Always ♪ Always
the world the global worldwide
all the entire the whole the full the rest
all the entire the whole full the rest ♪ All
the world global worldwide — The world

the second two the latter 2nd • The second
the second the 2nd
the second two 2nd the latter • The second
the second 2nd the latter
the second the 2nd the latter
invasion incursions intrusion invading incursion invasions intrusions invaded invade
the second the 2nd the latter
the second two the latter the 2nd
the second the latter the 2nd

includes is part belongs comes enters comprises consists a member walks
include comprise consist enter be part composed come in belong log members go in to walk
incoming included member belonging comprising are part inbound constituent are part entering come affiliated input compose
included were consisted was composed comprised part entered members belonged came had been part logged
incoming included member belonging are part comprising inbound constituent come entering affiliated inbox the EFTA composing consisting input


lice cooties crabs nits louse
lice crabs nits louse
a lousy

you • You – You ya
higher the above supra taller high highest tall
emissions release discharges emission releases discharge released releasing • Emissions
implementation to fulfil to implement to carry out to perform compliance discharge performance the fulfilment execution to comply follow-up to execute completion to fulfill to accomplish fulfillment
the high-level the highlevel the senior the high level the high levels the highest level
elections the electoral choices polling election polls poll choice ELECTION
you don't you're not you will not you haven't you don you can't you never you fail you mind you do not you didn't you are not you won't you did not you have not you weren't you hadn't you aren't you cannot you couldn't you can not you failed you've not you'll not You'll not
choice selection choosing option choices choose options chose chosen selections • Choice
conclusions findings finding the conclusions reached conclusion found the conclusion reached
to fulfil to perform to carry out to implement discharge to meet to comply honour to do to execute to fulfill to abide shoulder to deliver serve to adhere to accomplish

vyacheslav viacheslav veaceslav vjačeslavs viatcheslav – Vyacheslav
vyacheslav veaceslav viacheslav
sluggish flaccid weak slack limp dopey subdued listless
sluggish weak flaccid subdued anaemic slack
knitting crocheting knit