you are concerned about bothering you
an important element an essential element an important part an important component a vital element an essential part a significant element an essential component a critical element
вас просят you are asked
к телефону to the phone
Aren't you cold
your table
ваша does your
взяла took
important client
you are interested in you are looking you want you're wondering you ask do you need you're interested in you're looking
an important role a major role a significant role the importance a vital role an essential role a crucial role a critical role a key role a prominent role a valuable role a pivotal role
important discovery


drive a wedge driving a wedge
close in the vicinity poblíž proximity proches next to near to closer
sideways the side lateral
вбирать to absorb
в себя in yourself

upside down upside-down
to mislead be misleading be confusing to deceive to hoodwink lead to confusion to misinform
ввести to introduce
закон law
ввести to introduce
военное положение the military situation
to introduce the concept to introduce the notion
introduced have introduced imposed have imposed entered implemented have entered have established put enacted was injected have enacted
introduces imposes enters establishes puts injects implements inputs enacts interposes
by entering introducing imposing by typing establishing by enacting input introduced
induction the introductory the introduction the opening orientation the chapeau
imposing introducing establishing imposed impose

likely scenario probable scenario
to negotiate to pursue negotiations conduct negotiations to talk negotiations leading to bargain to engage in negotiations parley negotiator conducting negotiations
to engage in dialogue conduct a dialogue to pursue dialogue maintain a dialogue
the entire period the whole period the full period the entire duration the whole duration the total period
most likely is likely probably all likelihood are likely was likely were likely
return it him back to bring him back get him back to get him to retrieve it returning it
the right answer the correct answer
return the book
horse riding horseback riding horse-riding riding stable
вероятность the likelihood
перехода transition
вечный eternal
двигатель the engine

taken into custody
to take a break
взрывной explosive
характер nature
to take a break
взять take
машину напрокат car rental
взрыв explosion
мозга brain
взять на to take on
руки hands

includes comprising incorporating encompassing consisting of including included include incorporates incorporated
includes comprises consists of incorporates encompasses embraces include included including incorporated comprise comprised encompassed consist of encompass comprising consisted of incorporate incorporating encompassing
contribution to the development contributing to the development contribution to developing contribution to the promotion input to the development contribution to promoting contributions to the advancement contribution to the growth contribution to the evolution contribution to advancing
вкрутить – Screw
лампочку a light bulb
include comprise incorporate consist of encompass entail embrace
the taste of victory
inclusion including incorporating integrating incorporation listing switching the integration mainstreaming the introduction activation the insertion
contributor the depositor investor
including involving comprising incorporating encompassing include included includes
contribution input contribute deposit contributions inputs contributed contributing contributes deposits
included is switched turned is activated incorporated activated
delicious tasty good yummy
contribution input contributing to deposit contributions inputs contribute to
included consisted involved comprised incorporate integrate include including includes incorporated consist involve incorporating consisting integrated comprises
include involve incorporate comprise consist to integrate encompass the inclusion turn including includes included incorporating incorporated turning comprised consisting comprising involved consists turned

the domestic market internal market the home market the local market internal markets
be amended accordingly to make appropriate changes be modified accordingly make corresponding changes
contribute to to make a contribution input contributing to to contributing contributed to making a contribution to inputs
вне outside
графика schedule
amend changes to make changes modify amendments to revise modifications revisions to adjust to alter to make adjustments to reform redraft
to make a proposal make a suggestion to introduce a proposal
вникать в to delve into
суть the essence

всему all
есть предел there is a limit
все all
впереди ahead
is always glad always happy 's always good am always glad
summit the high-level meeting
everything can be everything could be
все all
сходится add up
are all set Everything's ready all set it's ready it's done everything is prepared is all set
все all
пойму understand
все all
против меня against me
all costs all expenses all expenditures all costs that are incurred all charges all expenditure all cost all expense
the entire amount the full amount the entire sum the whole sum the whole amount

volcanic volcano volcanoes
volcanoes volcano volcanos
university high school of higher education institution institution higher educational institutions HEI vuza heis universities high schools higher school higher educational institution
volcanic volcano


lice crabs nits louse
lice cooties crabs nits louse

you're ready you'll be prepared you are ready
you're not back you don't come back You're not going back
you don't mind do you mind 's okay with you 's OK with you you do not mind
to meet the requirements to fulfil the requirements to comply with the requirements to comply with the demands to implement the requirements to meet the demands to fulfill the requirements
allocate funds to invest to provide funds to provide funding to provide resources allocate resources allocation allocate funding allocating funds
you're right you are correct you are right you were right right you are you're correct
you're crazy you're mad
a day off holiday the weekend a day-off
the choice fell
to find the time