important document an important document important instrument an important instrument
valentine's day
important detail an important detail important part an important part
recognize you
it is important to emphasize it is important to highlight it is important to underline it is important to underscore it is important to emphasise it is essential to emphasize it was important to emphasize it was important to highlight
valuiki valuyki
important points important items
the dining car
you are you will you have do you you can if you ye you to youse yous

entrusted to given to
had misled
upside down upside-down
to mislead be misleading mislead to deceive be confusing to hoodwink to confusion to misinform misleading
to introduce the concept to introduce the notion
imported goods the imported goods
to put into operation

the taste of victory taste of victory
contribution to the development contributing to the development contribution to developing contribution to promoting contribution to the promotion input to the development input into the development contribution to the growth contributions to the advancement contributions for the advancement of
to inject give to give injecting
turn on the TV turn the TV to turn on the TV
contribution input contribute deposit contribution being made contribu the contribution being made contributions inputs contributed
inclusion the inclusion including to include incorporating to incorporate integrating incorporation the incorporation listing
be turned on and off turn on and off
be included in the list for inclusion in the list be added to the list

interference with privacy interference with private life
accommodating with a capacity accommodates
instead rather , it are it is do instead is replace it had instead been
dent a dent
capacity spaciousness
rather than to
imputability attribution the imposition
nevertheless yet however nonetheless but that along with that alongside with that along with it in addition , however together with that
along with it along with her together with it
accommodate hold contain a capacity to contain

consideration the issue
an external candidate
extrabudgetary staff member visiting fellow
domestic production internal production domestic output
domestic political internal political the domestic political
listened carefully to listened attentively
the foreign market foreign markets the external market external markets foreign market
be amended accordingly to make appropriate changes make appropriate changes be modified accordingly make corresponding changes

incoming call the incoming call an incoming call
within the competence the competence of falls within the competence is the responsibility of falls within the purview within the purview of fall within the competence was the responsibility of
fall within the jurisdiction of
entrance tickets admission tickets entry tickets
the entrance fee entrance fees
input the front entrance the entrance entry inlet the inlet the entry
the incoming messages incoming messages incoming communications
be among
entrance to the building the entrance to the building

were made by spoke made statements addressed performed acted had made presentations were made by made presentations speakers
made-up story
to express their views express their views a voice to express their opinion express their opinions to express opinions to express an opinion to express their opinions express their opinion
benefits the benefits the profitability the benefit
express confidence to express confidence to express the confidence to express the conviction
high command the high command
the highest top superior supreme the ultimate the high