kg kg. kilograms kilos kg-1 kgs kilogrammes kilogram kilo + / kg


of the labor code the labor code of the labour code labour code


kcal kilocalories calories

the stacks
bookcase a bookcase
carnet book a book record books
button keys pressing knobs push-buttons clicking pushbuttons the push-button buttons key
carrot and stick
button key click press push-button push-piece pushbutton botton buttons + button
carrots and sticks
button key press knob click push-button button is used button is pressed the button is used pushbutton
the principality of liechtenstein
the book will be book will be
the book is dedicated to
books for children children's books
books workbooks ledgers book

valentine's day for valentine's day
compact densely compactly
which consists which is
commercialization commercialisation the commercialisation to commercialize commercializing
monitoring compliance with monitoring of compliance with control over compliance with control over observance to monitor compliance with monitoring of the observance control over the observance verification of compliance with monitor compliance with monitoring respect for
when you're done when you finish when finished when you finished
a short text
cognac brandy cognacs
a specific question the specific issue specific question specific issue particular issue a particular issue a particular question specific matter particular question particular matter
cocktail shake drink smoothie a drink a smoothie milkshake coctail cocktails drinks


efficiency efficiencies



cuvette cell of the ditch