march martha mar marta – March mars
may 五月 – May — May __ May
mandate mandates mandated mandating
mandate mandates mandated mandating
small low smaller smallest lower small—
may – May
morocco the moroccan
mandates mandate mandated mandating


yeah well

between among • Between — Between 'tween
me my ♪ I – I # I me£¬
international – International
international internationals • International – International
international – International • International // International
measures action steps response arrangements interventions actions measure responses intervention step measuring arrangement measured
international – International
international – International • International internationals
activities events actions measures interventions outputs arrangements exercises action event activity output intervention exercise measure arrangement
mechanisms arrangements machinery tools instruments frameworks modalities facilities schemes mechanism machineries framework arrangement tool instrument facility modality scheme



the ministry department of the minister the ministries departments
the ministry the department the ministries • The ministry the departments
mr. mr mister – Mr. ♪ Mr.
migrants migrant MIGRANT – migrant
minutes min moments min. minute mins
ministers ministerial minister
world the global international worldwide worlds
migration migrating migratory migrations migrate migrated migrates


µm μm microns um micrometers mkm mcm urn micron micrometres
mkrtchyan mkrtchian
µl μl
mk mark μm mc 0.052w/mk

million mln mn millions
billion bln bn billions
infant neonatal infantile infants
under the age younger junior young
infants babies children newborn babes toddlers infant baby newborns child
junior associate younger jr. assistant little early jr young youngest assistants
junior associate younger assistants mladshikh the early young assistant youngest associates juniors associated


mm mm. uh um millimetres millimeters millimetre millimeter mm²
mmm um uh mm hmm mm. mmmm uhm ♪ Mmm


me ♪ I – I # I me£¬
multilateral multi-stakeholder the multi-party plurilateral multilaterals
numerous many multiple a large number countless of the many
many a lot numerous multiple a variety plenty a number a multitude lots of a set countless a plethora an array a myriad a plurality
numerous many multiple the many a large number countless number numbers a larger number
views opinions viewpoints opinion view
multilateral multi-stakeholder multifaceted multistakeholder

can may able would could might 'd • Can — could MIGHT
can may able would could might 'd COULD • Can MIGHT
mine is my 's my was my be my
monitoring to monitor • Monitoring monitorings
youth young people youngsters youths young peoples younger people
could might would able to enable maybe couldn can may 'd couldn't CAN
could might would can may 'd
young youth junior younger youths youngest • Young


mpa мpа
MP megapixels megapixel

marble marbles
marble marbles
marble marbles marbling marbled
dark gloomy grim bleak sinister the sombre darker
grim bleak gloomy dark sombre dismal somber
dark gloomy a grim bleak a sombre
darkness gloom dark tenebrae the shadows
darkness gloom the shadows the dark

men male man males • Men MAN
men male gender males man genders
museum the musée museo museums
music › Music
music ♪ Music • Music – Music
municipal municipality municipalities
muslims moslems


matt mt. matthew mt


vengeance revenge

mary marie marys
mayor mer mayors
matthew mathew mathieu
city hall municipality the town hall the mayor's office the mayor council of the mayoralty the municipal office city halls

meat flesh beef steak meats • Meat steaks
meat flesh beef steak meats MEATS
soft mild upholstered gentle flexible supple lenient softer milder
soft mild gentle lenient a flexible mellow softly squishy softer
soft flexible mild lenient upholstered gentle plush softer
rebel insurgent mutineers the insurgency the rebellion the renegade rebels
soft mild upholstered supple gentle flexible paperback softer • Soft
soft mild lenient gentle flexible a plush upholstered softer milder
soft mild gentle lenient the flexible non-rigid softer