mbps mbit
mbar millibars


a moment moment the blink minutes moments
moments instants time moment instant
moment moments
instant instantaneous immediate instantly a momentary
instant instantaneous immediate instantly the instantaneous
immediately instantaneously an instant momentarily instantly instant


yeah well

minority a minority group minorities
the crash site the place of the accident the scene of the accident
the local dialect a local dialect
a snowstorm blizzard a blizzard snowstorm the blizzard
monthly month months
меня все i'm
устраивает satisfied with
meter feet yard a yard metre meters metres foot
i'm throwing up
меткий good
выстрел shot
меня me
лихорадит feverish
activities for children events for children
mezzanine a mezzanine




µl μl
µs μs microseconds
ug μg µg micrograms mcg mkg
µm μm microns um mkm micrometers urn mcm micron micrometres


mm mm. uh um millimetres outlying 50mm 100mm 75mm 2mm
mmm um uh mm hmm mm-hmm mmmm mm-mm uhm ♪ mmm

i learned i have it
a lot of boxes lot of boxes many boxes
multiple element
i'm better i'm feeling better
much time and effort
i don't care i don't give a damn i don't give a shit i care i don't give a crap i'm not i don't give a fuck i do not care i didn't care
мне нравится i like
математика math
мне нравится как ты i love the way you
выглядишь look
a lot of sense
i really have i really need i really needed
me eight
мне нравится i like
песня song
мне так i'm so
удобнее convenient



grim gloomy bleak dark dismal somber
dark a grim gloomy grim bleak a sombre sombre
gloomy the dark dark sinister sombre the darkest
dark gloomy bleak a grim grim dismal a dismal
мрачнее darker
тучи clouds
gloomy dark a dark a gloomy grim the grim a grim bleak somber dismal
marble marbled
a dark day
darkness the darkness gloom dark the gloom a gloom tenebrae the shadow
scum filth punk
the sea of marmara the marmara sea marmara sea
мрачный gloomy
вид view


matt mt. mt matthew



vengeance revenge

we don't know exactly we're not sure
we don't do we're not doing we don't make we make no we're not making we have not done we do not make we are not doing we do not do
we slept we were asleep we sleep
we're a team we are a team
me and my mom
we answer we respond we are responsible
we're connected we are bound we're linked we are tied we are bonded we're bound
мы we
давно знакомы have known each other a long time
мы можем we can
опоздать be late
thinking mindset mentality thought think mindsets thinks


mayor the mayor of the city mayor of the city
the meerim
manley manley law school manly
mary marie marys mairie
the municipality city hall municipality the city hall the town hall mayor's office the mayor's office city council the town council
mayor the mayor mer mayors
meg mag mags