knows no bounds knows no boundaries knows no borders knows no limits has no borders knows no frontiers has no boundaries knew no borders knew no boundaries knows no boundary know no bounds
incapable incapacitated disabled incompetent

no chance don't stand a chance a single chance not a chance
didn't hear anything heard anything haven't heard anything couldn't hear anything hear anything
ничего anything
святого st.
nikolskaya st. nicholas
ничего не there's nothing
страшно scared




N. n

a new mechanism the new arrangement a new framework the new tool the new machinery the new arrangements
a new element a new item
novosibirsk novossibirsk – Novosibirsk
the new millennium the next millennium
novelties innovations new news the latest products novelty innovation


ngos NGO


temper disposition character
morality ethics decency indecent
liked loved fond did like fancied enjoyed like love likes loves LIKE
like talking to like to talk
liked loved enjoyed did like fancied like love likes enjoy enjoying
нравится love
учиться study

the current generation the present generation Today's generation
the current present this the existing the ongoing presented
the current the present this the existing the ongoing
the current the present this the existing the ongoing
the current the present existing the ongoing
the current currently in force
ныне и now and
присно ever


national geographic
neck knack


nanny babysitting babysitter baby-sitters the sitter nurse nannies babysitters
a babysitter nanny a baby-sitter a nurse a sitter is babysitting
нянчиться с babysit
детьми children
nanny babysitter babysitting nurse a sitter baby-sitter nursemaid nannies
nurse to babysit babysitting
nanny babysitter nurse babysitting nursemaid the sitter baby-sitter nannies
babysitting babysit baby-sit nurse
nanny a babysitter a sitter nurse a baby-sitter nannies