our seats our places
's it on it all
настолько so
насколько how
at the proper level at the appropriate level at an adequate level at the required level
population is population makes up population constitutes
on the window
начать start
деятельность activities
above sea level altitude above sealevel above sea-level

won't do am not doing am not gonna do won't make am not making wouldn't do will not do
didn't want to wake you
Don't touch
not the relationship
not everywhere not universally not uniformly are not always
невозможное the impossible
возможно may
Don't pout
a little busy kind of busy a bit busy a little preoccupied a tad busy
not been made not be produced
don't want to argue don't wanna argue

никогда never
как how
ничего не there's nothing
понятно okay
ничего не хочешь don't want anything
мне сказать tell me
in any way in any manner
low quality poor quality a low-quality of inferior quality the low standard substandard low-quality poor-quality lower quality
never heard ever heard have never known never hear ever hear
can't see anything nothing is visible nothing to be seen don't see anything can not see anything



N. n

but not less than but no less but equally but not least but at least however but shall not be less than
but for who
but not too but not very but not much but don't be too
a new approach a fresh approach a new way novel approach a new vision the new treatment had adopted a new approach a new perspective a new approach be adopted
but the most important most importantly but the most important thing is
but i will but i will be but I'll but I'll be
but for this but it but but to do but to do so but that's but for that to happen but this requires but to this
a new era a new age a new dawn
rate of return profit margins rates of return profit margin
are global in nature were global in nature


ngos NGO

yeah well , yes oh okay all right why , yes ah , yes
needs repair renovation needed requires repair need repair
need to fix have to fix
ну well
надо же You're
ну well
это правда it's true
had should've needed to be i should needed to it was necessary should have been needed to get was supposed 'd need would want
ну разве well , are
я плохой I'm a bad
in the right direction
needs help have to help gotta help need help needed help
need the practice

current name the current title present name the present title
the current the present the ongoing the existing
the current the present this the existing the ongoing
the current the present the existing this the ongoing the present-day
now currently nowadays today present the ongoing
this year the current year
the current the present this the existing the ongoing
the current generation the present generation Today's generation
the current present this the existing the ongoing presented


neck knack
national geographic


nuances details nuance
smell sniffing snorting doing huffing sniff smelling snort
nose smell
nude niu nu nudes
smell snort smelled
nuances details nuance
nuances the details nuance


babysitting babysit baby-sit nurse
nanny a babysitter a sitter nurse a baby-sitter nannies
nanny babysitter nurse babysitting nursemaid the sitter baby-sitter nannies
nurse to babysit babysitting
nanny babysitting babysitter baby-sitters the sitter nurse nannies babysitters
нянчиться с babysit
детьми children
a babysitter nanny a baby-sitter a nurse a sitter is babysitting
nanny babysitter babysitting nurse a sitter baby-sitter nursemaid nannies