area the field development region the sphere domain policy oblast human areas the fields developments policies regions domains the spheres oblasts AREAS
society the company community societal societies communities the companies
education the formation entity educating educated educate educations // Education • Education entities
common general the overall the total shared share sharing
areas fields spheres regions domains oblasts developments area field development sphere domain oblast region
review overview survey reviews reviewing reviewed surveys overviews surveying
communities communes communal community commune

vegetables veggies veg vegetable
vegetables veggies veg vegetable
s ov
vegetables veggies vegetable
sheep // Sheep
vegetables vegetable
vegetable vegetables
vegetable vegetables

restrictions limitations limits constraints control restraints limitation restriction limit limiting limited restraint controlling constraint controls – Restriction LIMITATION
restrictions limitations constraints limits restraints controls restriction limitation limit constraint restraint limited limiting control
great a huge enormous the vast a tremendous a large paramount immense a big massive a profound is a giant the sheer
a huge enormous great vast tremendous a giant a big immense a large massive
limit to restrict to confine to curtail to curb a limitation constrain be confined be curtailed to restrain

one a single the same alone is ones was are be • One
one of • One of – One of ones of
one a single the same is once was 's are ones • One
simultaneously at the same time both concurrently at once parallel conjunction while also tandem concomitantly
one the same a single alone is are was ones be
once one day someday one time then one one night ♪ Someday ♪ Once
one alone a single the same is once ones be was
endorsed approved adopted welcomed endorsement approval had been endorsed by approve endorse endorsing endorses approves approving has been endorsed by
endorsed approved adopted welcomed endorsement approval approve endorsing endorse endorses approves approving
clothing clothes garments dress apparel wear fashion outfits robes clos attire

is expected it is anticipated it is hoped it is estimated is awaited it is envisaged are expected was expected were expected it was anticipated it was hoped was awaited is awaiting are awaiting it was envisaged it was estimated
expects awaits looks forward is awaiting anticipates waiting pending expectation is pending was looking
expected anticipated expectations pending expected accomplishments are expected expect
expect awaiting are waiting pending are pending expectations anticipate looked forward have been awaiting will be expecting
the expected the anticipated expectations the pending awaited expectancy had been expected

means implies signifies denotes mean meant meaning imply implied signify implying signified denote denoted signifying
concern preoccupation concerns concerned concerning preoccupations
lake lakes – Lake
be found be consulted read to get acquainted see review to familiarize themselves available to learn to become familiar to become acquainted to be acquainted
lakes lacs lake
mean imply signify denote means meant meaning implies implied denotes signified signifies

october oct. – October — October
occupation occupations
provides has assists renders has been providing support exerts provided had have providing provide having supports assist assisting assisted render had been providing exert rendered supported exerted supporting exerting has been provided rendering
final a definitive the ultimate eventual a definite
the final a definitive the ultimate the finalized
the occupied the occupying
ocean sea oceans
the end finish completion completing graduation termination has been completed the conclusion of expiration expiry
to assist to provide assistance help support to render assistance to extend assistance helping supported to assisting providing assistance to supporting to providing assistance

olga olha volha – Olga • Olga — Olga
oleg oleh aleg oļegs aleh – Oleg — Oleg • Oleg
olympic an olympic-size
olympiad olympics olympic games competition olimpiada competitions
ollie olly olli oilie

the ombudsman the ombudsperson the ombud the ombudsmen
the ombudsman the ombudsperson the ombud the ombudsmen
oman the omani
omega – Omega
ohms om ω ohm

he it him ♪ He # He – He ♪ It
they them ♪ They • They # They
she it her ♪ She # She – She • It
it ♪ It • It
online on-line • Online
he noted he said he pointed out he indicated he observed he mentioned he highlighted he stressed he emphasized he remarked he underlined he acknowledged he cited it recognized
it should it must he has he needs He's supposed He's got He's gotta he owes he shall he's gonna he ought
he said he's telling He's talking he speaks he tells he means he says he say is he talking he spoke he was telling he saying he is telling is he telling he was talking he told he is talking he meant
it should it must she has she needs She's supposed it shall She's gotta She's got she owes she ought She's gonna

operations transactions surgeries operation transaction surgery
operations transactions surgery operation transaction surgeries OPERATION • Operations
definition determining identifying defining determination identification to ascertain detection definitions identify define determine defined determinations determined identified defines determines identifies DEFINITIONS
to determine to identify define to specify to establish set to ascertain detect defined defining setting defines detecting detected
risk danger hazard threat jeopardy peril dangerous dangers risks hazards threats perils risked risking
hazardous dangerous hazard harmful danger unsafe high-risk hazards dangers

organizations organisations entities institutions agencies organization organisation entity institution agency
bodies organs authorities agencies entities body organ authority agency entity
weapons arms guns armaments firearms weapon gun armed armament firearm arm arming WEAPON
organizations organisations entities institutions agencies organization organisation entity agency institution
the united nations the UN the united nation
bodies authorities organs agencies entities body authority organ agency entity
bodies authorities organs agencies entities body authority organ agency entity
body authority organ entity agency bodies authorities organs entities agencies
organization the united organisation organizing entity institution organizations organized organize organisations organizes institutions entities
organizations organisations entities institutions agencies organization entity organisation institution agency

especially particularly notably specifically
implementation implementing exercise enjoyment delivery realization execution implement implemented exercising exercised exercises implementations implements
implementation to implement the exercise the realization enjoyment delivery implementations • Implementation
the implementation implementing exercising the enjoyment the realization delivery execution realizing implement exercise implemented implements realize exercises exercised realized
the main substantive the basic core the primary major the principal the key the fundamental essential the underlying mainly focus
the main basic major key fundamental core the primary substantive the principal essential mainstream
mainly mostly largely primarily the main essentially basically predominantly principally the basic chiefly the core focused has been largely the primary the bulk substantive

from of dated date ♪ From # From dates dating
regarding respect concerning relation relating to vis-à-vis regard regards related to concerns respects concerned relations concern respecting regarded respected relates to relate to
notes observes points out indicates acknowledges celebrates noted note pointed out observed noting indicated acknowledged celebrated celebrating point out observing celebrate indicating indicate pointing out observe acknowledge
regarding relatively concerning relating to with respect to comparatively regard regards related to concerned concerns concern • Relatively
noted observed pointed out indicated mentioned highlighted remarked stressed emphasized acknowledged celebrated underlined
noted observed indicated pointed out highlighted mentioned acknowledged celebrated stressed emphasized remarked
father dad daddy fathers fathered father's father dads

covers includes encompasses comprises embraces spans reaches covered cover covering include included encompassed encompass encompassing including comprise embraced comprised reach comprising span spanned reached reaching embrace spanning embracing
coverage scope to cover reach enrolment enrollment inclusiveness reaching scopes reaches reached
cover include encompass comprise embrace reach span covering covered covers encompassing including includes
cover include encompass comprise reach span embrace covered covers covering includes included encompasses encompassed comprises encompassing embraces reaching reached spans embraced comprised spanned including comprising
oh uh ooh ugh aw ohh ♪ Oh
cooling refrigeration chilling coolant cooler cool cooled cools chill coolers chilled coolants
protection security guard safety conservation the preservation health conserve guards guarding protections guarded conserving

assessment evaluation assessing evaluating estimate appraisal estimation measurement assessments assess evaluate evaluations estimating estimates assessed estimated evaluated assesses estimations measurements appraisals evaluates
assessments evaluations estimates estimations ratings appraisals grades evaluation assessment estimation estimate rating estimated appraisal estimating grading grade
to assess to evaluate estimate appreciate assessment measure gauge to appraise estimating measuring estimated estimates appreciated assessments appreciating measured gauging gauged measures
assessments evaluations estimates estimations grades appraisals assessing ratings assessment evaluation estimation estimated estimate
is estimated is assessed assesses is evaluated measured is valued has estimated are estimated assessed was estimated are assessed assess was assessed measures were estimated are evaluated measure are valued being assessed assessing was evaluated being evaluated
assesses evaluates estimates measures assessment appreciates appraises assess evaluate assessing assessed evaluating evaluated estimated estimate measured appreciated
are estimated are assessed evaluated are measured measured shall be evaluated valued appraised had been evaluated are being evaluated
assessed appreciated evaluated estimated assessment appraised commended have been evaluated have been appreciated appreciate assess evaluate estimate appreciates

cleaning treatment purification clearance clearing purifying decontamination the purge scrubbing purity peels
very important it is important really important it is essential is crucial very importantly it is critical so important extremely important it is vital pretty important highly important real important it is very of great importance crucially
glasses points goggles spectacles eyewear score specs scores glass point spectacle
cleaning treatment purification clearance clearing ochistka purifying descaling clean cleaner cleaned clearances
points glasses spectacles score goggles eyewear point scores spectacle glass
very little are very few very small is little very low is scarce too little very limited a lot isn't enough very scarce are too few is very short so little are rare is short is a dearth

errors mistakes bugs faults pitfalls error bug mistake fault mistaken • Error
a mistake error fault bug flaw errors
mistake error erroneously bug wrongly incorrectly fault errors mistaken mistakes bugs mistaking
erroneously mistakenly wrongly incorrectly falsely wrongfully error inadvertently had been wrongly inaccurately misleadingly have been erroneously misguided
mistakes errors bugs faults error bug mistake fault
errors mistakes bugs incorrectly faults error mistake bug
osh – Osh
errors mistakes bugs faults error
wrong is mistaken mistaken make mistakes 's mistaken was mistaken makes mistakes mistakes