the general view the general opinion general consensus a common view the general feeling generally felt general agreement the common opinion the general perception was generally felt a general belief generally agreed shared view
educational institution educational establishment education institution the educational facility educational institutions educational establishments
please note draw attention pay attention call attention highlight emphasize underscore
common denominator the general denominator common denominators
to facilitate the work
only communicate only talk
of a general nature cross-cutting of a general character generic of a general kind of general scope the generality of the common nature generalized non-specific crosscutting
way of thinking mindset mentality ways of thinking mindsets mentalities
public order social order of ordre public civil order
binding compulsory mandatory obligatory be binding in nature
are doomed to failure doomed to failure are doomed to fail are bound to fail self-defeating is doomed to failure were doomed to failure be doomed to failure were doomed to fail is doomed to fail
contact to turn to refer to to seek apply to approach to request be addressed to to resort to appeal to to call recourse to are requested to kindly be made to are requested to contact to go to access revert to to speak to come to

vegetable vegetables
the vegetables
oval the shape
mastering to learn the acquisition to acquire harnessing master
the overlay
vegetable products
vegetable vegetables
vegetable veg vegetables
ovulation ovulating ovulate
vegetables horticulture market gardening vegetable
sheep // Sheep

the expected time
expectations have not been met
alive revived
waiting expecting awaiting pending anticipating anticipation looking forward expectation expect wait expected expects
output expected expected result expected deliverable expected accomplishment the expected outcome expected results
the expected the anticipated the expectation awaited expectancy
the lively the busy the bustling the vibrant
the expectation waiting the anticipation awaiting the expected pending the expectations wait
a lively busy vibrant the brisk

pressure to put pressure to press pressuring
to assist support to facilitate to help to provide assistance contribute to to contribute to to promote to render assistance supported supporting to assisting contributing to to promoting providing assistance to
the district attorney the D.A. the DA the regional public prosecutor district prosecutor the A.D.A.
окрестности surroundings
города city
to assist to facilitate help support to provide assistance to contribute to contribute to to render assistance helping to assisting supporting
window on the world
оказаться be
за решеткой behind bars

oleg oleh aleg oļegs aleh – Oleg — Oleg • Oleg
olives olive
olive extra virgin olive olives
olympiads olympics competitions olympic games
alderman the ealdorman
ollie olly olli oilie
olesya oles olesia olesea
olympiads competitions olympic games the olympics

he fell he went down he collapsed he landed it crashed he dropped he hit it has been dropped he's down he falls he fall
He's a writer
he smokes he's smoking
она очень She's very
устала tired
He's meeting he's seeing he's dating he meets he's going out it is found it occurs he was seeing
he's a cop He's a policeman he's a police officer
They're celebrating they are celebrating
he said he's telling He's talking he speaks he tells he means he says he say is he talking he spoke he was telling he saying he is telling is he telling he was talking he told he is talking he meant
she doesn't do she's not doing it does not make She's not making
they have established they set they installed they found they established they had set they put they fixed they had identified they had established they have set They've set
he's crying he cries he weeps he is crying is he crying


to organize a trip to arrange a trip
the organizational committee organizing committee the organising committee organization committee
to navigate in to be guided in to orientate in
organize co-organized by organise arrange hold will be organized have been organizing are being organized host organized organizing organizes arranging organises organised arranges organising arranged holding will be organizing is being organized
weapons arms gun weapon

focuses on special attention is paid to particular attention is paid to special attention is given to special attention to particular attention to particular emphasis on special emphasis on emphasis is placed on particular attention is given to emphasizes special emphasis is placed on an emphasis on places emphasis on particular emphasis is given to special attention is devoted to special emphasis is given to particular attention is devoted to particular attention is being paid to particular focus is placed on special consideration is given to particular emphasis has been placed on special attention is focused on
exercise control to monitor maintain control oversee implement controls to exert control supervise to undertake monitoring to carry out control carrying out of checks
the remaining amount the remaining sum
to cooperate to collaborate to co-operate to pursue cooperation conduct cooperation
the basic law the fundamental law the basic act the main law the principal law substantive law the organic law
the remainder of the rest of the remaining part of the balance of the remaining portion of the unexpired portion of
the rest of the remainder of the remaining part the balance of the remaining portion the bulk of the remaining

отказаться от to abandon
приглашения invitations
meets the requirements satisfies the requirements complies with the requirements fulfils the requirements meets the qualifications complies meets the demands conform to the requirements is in conformity compliant with fulfills the requirements responds to the requirement
a separate paragraph a separate item a specific paragraph single paragraph
a great choice an excellent choice the perfect choice good choice an excellent selection a great selection a fine choice a great option
from the guests
a diversion a distraction
от from
этого не not
легче easier
from small to large
a great guy a good guy a nice guy a great kid a good kid a swell guy a good boy

to assess the risk
assesses evaluates estimates measures assessment appreciates appraises assess evaluate assessing assessed evaluating evaluated estimated estimate measured appreciated
was assessed was estimated was evaluated assessed estimated been measured be assessed been assessed were assessed
galvanized galvanised
to assess the scope assess opportunities
estimated data evaluative evidence assessment data evaluation data estimated figures
assessing evaluating assessment appreciating estimating assessed
assessed appreciated evaluated estimated assessment appraised commended have been evaluated have been appreciated appreciate assess evaluate estimate appreciates
cordon the perimeter

очистить clear
совесть conscience
very little are very few very small is little very low is scarce too little very limited a lot isn't enough very scarce are too few is very short so little are rare is short is a dearth
a very important question a very important issue
very bad too bad really bad very badly is bad very poorly pretty bad very poor are very poorly very sick really badly am really sick real bad very little pretty badly is very ill. is really hurting very wrong
very beautiful eyes very pretty eyes
очень похож на is very similar to
отца father