review the decision to reconsider the decision to revise the decision
turning point the tipping point a watershed moment at the crossroads a crucial moment a critical moment critical time
in negotiations with suppliers negotiation with vendors
in front of my before my before i to my outside my in my
move on to proceed to turn to get to cut to go to skip to come to will get to moving on to
первый the first
второй the second
третий the third
четвертый fourth
пятый the fifth
shipping transportation of freight



while I'm here while i am here
look at this check this watch this see this
why don't we why can't we why shouldn't we why aren't we why wouldn't we why do not we why do we not why couldn't we why should we not
will call you am gonna call you will ring you will phone you give you a call
turn back time turn back the clock
while I'm gone while I'm away
помощник assistant
адвоката lawyer
in addition furthermore moreover additionally is also it also apart from this besides this beyond this apart from it was further besides it


paragraphs paras pp pp y-o-y ppts TCU para paragraph

halt the arms race cessation of the arms race
a long period an extended period a prolonged period a lengthy period a longer period
against violence the anti-violence against VAW
generate income generate revenue
to hold elections to proceed with the election conduct the elections to organize elections
spent the evening
presented as is presented as introduced as described as submitted as was presented as
просто just
окей okay
last month the past month the previous month
beautiful thing a wonderful thing
to continue working further work to proceed to keep working continue to operate to pursue work the continuation of the work to remain engaged continue to work to continue work
priority over precedence superior to


the palatinate

a speck of dust
vacuum cleaner the appliance • Vacuum vacuumed
lush magnificent
trying are trying tryin are attempting try were trying tried be trying tries was trying
lush sumptuous a magnificent
lush a magnificent
the vacuum cleaner the cleaner the appliance
tried to convince tried to persuade attempted to persuade have been trying to convince trying to convince
пыль dust
в глаза in the eye
is trying to say trying to say 's trying to tell trying to tell 's trying to say is trying to tell
trying attempting seeking endeavouring try tried attempt tries attempts seek attempted
tortured was tortured subjected torture were tortured been tortured being tortured torturing



puree mashed purées cream mush potatoes purees mash