development developing developments develop developed develops • Development – Development
various different a variety diverse varying multiple distinct range varied ranging vary varies • Different ranges
development developing promoting the promotion develop developments promote developed develops promoted promotes • Development Development's Development
the working operating the work • The working • The work >Operating
the development developing designing the elaboration the formulation drafting formulating elaborating devising design develop draft developed formulate elaborate devise designed elaborated develops designs drafted formulated the developments devised
areas regions districts locations neighbourhoods area region neighborhoods district neighbourhood location
various different a variety diverse miscellaneous varying a range multiple numerous distinct

vomiting puke nausea barf throw-up puking • Vomiting
vomiting puke
vomiting puke puking
vomiting puke
tear rip vomiting to break ripping tearing
threw up vomiting puking throw up

resolution resolutions — resolutions RESOLUTIONS
republic republics – Republic
recommendations advice guidance recommended recommendation recommending recommend recommends advices • Recommendations RECOMMENDATION
recommendations advice guidance recommendation advices
the region the regions
recommends encourages advises recommended recommend encouraged recommending advised encouraging encourage advise advising
decisions solutions the outcome action judgements judgments rulings choices decision solution the outcomes actions judgement judgment ruling choice


ph ph.

role roles • Role ROLES
the russian
russia – Russia — Russia Russia//
russian federation russia • Russian federation federation – Russian federation
roma rum romani romany rums · Roma
russia the russian federation – Russia — Russia • Russia
russian – Russian
was born born birth were born is born been born bore


a number several some a series certain a range row a variety set of numerous
a number of countries several countries a number of economies a number of country several country
a number of activities a series of activities a number of events a series of events a range of activities a number of measures various activities a number of actions set of activities a number of outputs a variety of activities a series of actions a series of measures certain activities a number of interventions a range of events an array of events a number of efforts set of measures several initiatives numerous activities
a number of problems a number of challenges a number of issues a number of concerns a series of challenges a series of problems a range of challenges certain problems a number of difficulties various problems a number of constraints a series of issues