is the longest
the very beginning at the outset very early the very start the onset the very inception
saar saarland zahar
autonomy independence self-reliance ownership independent self-sufficiency self-reliant self-sufficient self-dependence selfreliance
saber sabre the sword
sledging sledding a sled sleigh

сбить hit
со следа the scent
come true fulfilled
fees charges levies collections tolls gathering fee charge collection levy charging toll
assemblies builds
collection compilation compendium book digest series sbornik mixtape // Collection collections
reset discharge dumping release had been dumped relief disposal into discharges resetting resets dump discharged discharging
come true


compressed concise pressurized • Compressed
liquefied liquid liquified LPG has had liquefied liquids
burned incinerated combusted burns burn


rear the back from behind rearward abaft the backs


create problems cause problems pose problems pose challenges problematic causing trouble causing problems
the sun and rain
the relevant agreement the corresponding agreement the respective agreement an appropriate agreement

a special section a specific section a special chapter a dedicated section a separate section
fair equitable just fairly equitably fairness fairer
written off written-off cancellation decommissioned cancelled cancellations
specialized specialised specialist dedicated specialty specialization specializing specialize – Specialized
a controversial the disputed contentious disputable moot objectionable
the special of the ad hoc specific of the ad-hoc the specials
satellites companions satellite
ask question wonder asked • Ask asking

ссылаться на invoke
закон law
fighting arguing fought
refers recalls cites reference relies invoked alludes referred cited refer referring invokes relied references recalled referenced relying invoke alluded citing invoking
be invoked to refer invoked reference rely cite plead be cited the invocation be adduced
fighting quarrels arguments fights fight quarrel
to lend
a pussy

goals made formulated development the millennium articulated set specified enunciated goal
formulated is formulated articulated made was formulated be formulated been formulated articulates formulates
formulated made have formulated have articulated set had formulated formulate formulating has formulated had articulated
the scope the ambit


similar related akin similarities the same
similarities resemblance commonalities similar affinity likeness similarity
fight battle wrestling the bout
similar the same shall be similar
fights contractions labor wrestling the bout labour battle the scrum scrimmage fight fighting contraction
similar related the same akin


cross-linking stitching joining crosslinking the merging
stitched made
made sewn stitched
made sewn
usa the US the united states USD the U.S.

syrdarya the syr darya the syrdaria the syr-darya
cheese raw damp a wet crude cheesy cheeses
will play will have be played having
a hearty rich nourishing
play into the hands