to meet the demands to meet the requirements satisfy the demands satisfy the requirements to satisfy the claims
a convenient place comfortable place a convenient location
hit me punched me slapped me kicked me stabbed me knocked me struck me slammed me hurt me punching me hitting me hits me
attention is paid to paid attention to focus on attention was given to given to consideration was given to attention was paid to focuses on pay attention to pays attention to focused on
attention be given to to pay attention to focus on to give consideration to
удачных successful
выходных weekend
lightning struck got hit by lightning
to retain an amount

ужасно terrible
скучно boring
's something something already
no longer need was no longer necessary no longer needed
already left 's already gone had already left already gone am already gone has already left
certainly not are definitely not are not exactly i certainly don't i definitely don't are certainly no certainly never it sure wasn't am definitely not 's definitely not
for an hour 's been an hour
уже already
соскучилась missed you
уже already
все сделал did everything
уже already
сплю sleep
is ready ready was already am ready are ready was ready
a terrible day a horrible day a bad day an awful day a rough day
already have plans already made plans
ужесточение tightening
законодательства legislation
уже already
собираюсь gonna

the advancement of improvement to improve the situation improving the status to improve the position advance the status of to improve conditions improvements advancing the status of improve the status
улучшить improve
репутацию reputation
improving the work improvement of improving the operation improve performance improve the functioning
improving the lives improvement in the lives improving the living a better life the enhancement of life the betterment enhancing lives improve the lives improving the life
improve knowledge
the streets the street
improving enhancing better improvements improve improves improved
smile am smiling smiling

destroy all to eliminate all destroying all
destruction destroy elimination of annihilation extermination demolition destroying destroyed destructions destroys
sad depressing dull sadly
destroyed have been destroyed killed exterminated eliminated wiped out destruction annihilated demolished obliterated ruined will be destroyed decimated erased crushed
humiliated demeaned humiliate humiliating
destroyed have been destroyed eliminated killed destruction demolished wiped out ruined annihilated had been destroyed destroying has been destroyed destroy
sad depressing dreary boring dull
inherited a legacy had been inherited
harmonization the standardization the unification harmonizing unifying uniformity harmonisation harmonize harmonized unify unified
the university UNU
ounces oz oz. ounce

set a time frame to establish timetables set the dates for establish a time frame set a timetable for
an oral report report orally the oral presentation a verbal report
up the pace up the tempo
make yourself comfortable get comfortable
address the discrepancies
to give way shall give way to
to establish the cause to determine the cause
to establish a link to liaise to establish a connection to establish communication to establish the relationship



уходить to leave
в отпуск on vacation
worsen the situation
the outgoing goes
worsens impairs affects degrades deteriorates reduces aggravates worse make exacerbated
the deteriorating the worsening
care withdrawal nursing caregiving childcare caregivers carer the departure leaving caring carers leave caregiver
deterioration deteriorating worsening degradation decline aggravation impairment declining deteriorated deteriorate deteriorates declines deteriorations worsened worsen
courtship courting
worsening deteriorating affecting
deteriorated has worsened deterioration declined worse has further deteriorated had become worse has been deteriorating had worsened have worsened decline deteriorate deteriorating

given this mind bearing this considering this taking this into account in view of this taking this into consideration in this
training manual textbook tutorial education guidance training tool learning manual training material training handbook uchebnoe posobie an educational book a training guide
ученые scientists
звания rank
to participate in negotiations to engage in negotiations to participate in the talks to engage in talks involved in negotiations
участок station
линии line
to take into account the comments to take into account the observations
taking into account the interests consideration of the interests to accommodate the interests takes into account the interests
considering this fact
учить to teach
уроки lessons

gorge the valley ravine canyon gulch
infringe affect prejudice undermine impinge violate impair encroach infringed affected undermined infringing
rights abuses infringement of the rights suppressing the rights
abuses infringement prejudice infringing violation interference denial impairment disadvantage abuse infringements violations infringed prejudicing infringe
prejudice to undermine impair infringe affect impinge upon
infringes undermines violates affects prejudice impairs impinge encroach upon prejudicial infringe infringed undermine violated affect affected undermined impair undermining violate impaired
damage harm loss injury detriment prejudice caused damages losses damaging injuries
gorges ravines valleys gorge



cozy cosy comfortable welcoming
cozy comfortable cosy a welcoming
a cozy a cosy welcoming comfortable
cozy comfortable cosy homely coziest
a cozy comfortable cosy ambience homely
comfort coziness cosiness cozy a cosy
cozy cosy comfortable welcoming homely
cozy comfortable cosy welcoming homely
comfort coziness cosiness cozy warmth comfortable atmosphere
cozy comfortable cosy welcoming homey comfy


vulnerable disadvantaged sensitive fragile vulnerability
vulnerability vulnerable fragility vulnerabilities
vulnerable vulnerability susceptible sensitive prone vulnerabilities
vulnerability vulnerable flaw fragility susceptibility vulnerabilities fragilities
vulnerable vulnerability fragile susceptible sensitive disadvantaged vulnerabilities
vulnerable fragile vulnerability prone sensitive susceptible
vulnerable sensitive fragile vulnerability vulnerabilities
vulnerability vulnerable the fragility vulnerabilities
vulnerable sensitive fragile vulnerabilities disadvantaged vulnerability
vulnerable fragile vulnerability sensitive susceptible disadvantaged
vulnerable sensitive fragile the vulnerability
vulnerabilities flaws vulnerability
vulnerability to vulnerable to susceptibility to exposure to vulnerabilities to