Chaval in English

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Example sentences with chaval

Mi chaval está esperando.
My kid is waiting.
Un chaval o una mujer, no sé.
A boy or woman, I do not know.
¿ Tienes un certificado de salud o no, chaval ?
Lad , do you have a certificate of health or not?
Nueva información, chaval ... y nuevas creencias.
New information, guy ... and new beliefs.
No sé a ti, chaval , pero mis ex no son baratas.
I do not know about you, kiddo , but my exes ai not cheap.
Este chaval no era un comprador, era vendedor.
This kid was not a buyer; he was a seller.
¡ El chaval Timmy Riggins!
Timmy boy Riggins!
Ray Griffin dejó morir a un compañero porque el chaval era gay.
Ray Griffin left a fellow officer dying because the lad was gay.
" No sabrán que es del chaval de Nirvana".
" They will not know it 's the guy from Nirvana."
En un minuto, chaval .
In a minute, kiddo .
Un chaval negro con nombre italiano.
Black kid with an Italian name.
[...] esto, con lo que he hecho con" el chaval ", nada de esto hubiera sido necesario si simplemente [...]
[...] this, with what I have done with" the boy ," none of it would have been necessary if [...]
Joe, chaval .
Joe, lad .
Has sido muy leal, chaval .
You have been very loyal, guy .
Pero sigue siendo un pequeño chaval .
But he 's still a small kiddo .
Este chaval , Brandon Powell.
This kid , Brandon Powell.
En palabras de Charles Barkley, este chaval es malísimo.
In the words of Charles Barkley," This boy is turrible."
Es la vida chaval .
It 's life, lad .
Este chaval es una joya.
This guy is a gem.
- Feliz cumpleaños, chaval .
- Happy birthday, kiddo !
-¿ Qué haces aquí, chaval ?
- What are you doing here, kid ?
Era solo un chaval de cuatro o cinco.
I was just a boy of four or five.
George, chaval .
George lad .
Tu con este chaval ?
You with this guy ?
Tú y yo nos entendemos mucho mejor ahora, chaval .
You and I understand each other a lot better now, kiddo .
- Lane Myer, el chaval de Greendale.
- Lane Myer, the kid from Greendale.
Quería que Emma supiera que era Pinocho como un chaval .
He wanted Emma to know he was Pinocchio as a boy .
Dijeron que era un chaval fuerte.
They said I was a strong lad .
" No puede ser que te tomes en serio a este chaval ".
There is no way you can take this guy seriously.
Bueno, entonces, un placer verte, chaval .
Well, then, good to see you, kiddo .